The Plan
So here is the plan, I will book the free public use meeting room at the Suwannee County Library where I will freely give one hour of my time every Tuesday to teach basic arts to any child between the ages of 8 and 13 starting with composition, drawing, light and shade, color choice and theory.

The Group
Is mixed ages 8-13 when it gets to big to fit our little space we will separate into two groups 8-10 on Tuesdays 11-13 on Thursday both groups will receive the same lessons make up lessons may attend a different group but same child may not attend both groups.

The Materials
Materials must be washable kid safe (carpet safe) products that we can clean with a little spray and paper towels.

·                  Pencils
·                  Magic Markers
·                  Water Color
·                  Crayons
·                  Color pencils
·                  Glue Sticks
·                  Brushes
·                  Construction Paper
·                  Scissors 

The Goal

The goal is to improve arts education in Suwannee County. To show interest in continuing arts education in the hopes of obtain grants and a creation space to expand to include adult art education and finally a gallery to display our creations 

The Schedule
Schedule will follow the school calender. 
No school no class.
No classes right before or after holidays. 
No classes first and last month of school.

Compos I
Haunted House
Winter Landscape
Basic Shapes
Beast & Babes
Base Ball
Boo Bottles
Gift Box
Copy / Color
Paper Monsters
Copy / Color

 Lesson schedule is fluid and may change based on other events.

Send Supplies to :

B Creative Kids
Care Of : Nada Meeks
Post Office Box 96
Live Oak FL 32064

Or donate by puchasing from our online store 
20% of each purchase comes back to us. 



Hi, I am Artist Nada Meeks; I grew up in Live Oak moved out west for 10 years and in 2013 moved home for my mother’s health and happiness. (Mary Meeks)

I have a Bachelors of FineArts (B.F.A.) from the Ringling School of Art and Design and a life time love of the arts in all its many forms.

Both of my parents were teachers so in one form or another I have taught and worked with education all of my life.Including Picasso Home School Program, which sent me to home schools and other places upon request (kind of a traveling art teacher gig). The Kids Under One Roof, children’s after school arts program, where I taught dance, theater, and art for the last 5 years before moving. It was that program that gave me my first taste of the joy of sharing what I know something I would very much like to continue.

See More About Me Online @

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